Get the Magic back on Your Carpets

Distressed by the awful damage caused by the ugly floods to your expensive carpet? Put an end to your worry because Perth Carpet Cleaning offers super specialized solutions for your homes, including restoring water damaged and flooded carpet cleaning services. Understanding the immense destruction and loss which is caused to some of your precious objects in a downpour situation, Perth Carpet Cleaning started its signature cleaning service for such purpose. So, irrespective of the magnitude of the damage caused by floods, Perth Carpet Cleaning is always at your service to provide you with the best cleaning services in town.

The way we work

We at Perth Carpet Cleaners offer 24 hour emergency flood water damage service to all our clients. Our seasoned experts will help you in restoring all water damaged flooded carpets with the help of super specialized flood restoration equipment which none of their competitors have. This is what makes us the best in business.

Systematic and Methodical approach

At Perth Carpet Cleaners, our cleaning staffs is well trained in thorough and intensive cleaning, restoring water damaged flooded carpets as well as drying them sufficiently till they come back to the condition which they were prior to the damage. No way it is an easy process and requires a systematic and methodical approach. As a leading carpet cleaning company, we offer you the best service in the market, by using a “4 point process” which truly works like magic on such carpets. This includes:

Stage 1: Pumping Out

First and foremost, such carpets retain great amount of water. Hence, before starting the drying process, it becomes important to first drain out all the excess water which the carpets already contain. So the first stage adopted by our experts is to drain or pump out all the excess water which the carpets contain.

Stage 2: Start the drying process

Once the excess water is drained out, the underlay is checked thoroughly and only after a thorough inspection is the drying equipment is installed. Depending upon the level of intensity required in order to dry such damaged carpets, requisite equipments are used.

Stage 3: Regular Follow ups

Drying process is not a one or two hour task that once it is started, it will get completed within the allocated time. Understanding this, our experts also offer regular time to time checkups in order to understand how much more drying is required and if any more equipments are required to take care of that.

Stage 4: Deodorize

Once the carpets get completely dry and sheds all the water and dirt particles which it contained due to the floods, our cleaners will then clean the carpet thoroughly again and deodorize it in order that the carpets don’t give out any foul odour or smell.

Why choose Perth Carpet Cleaners?

We are confident that once you understand the process we follow, you will surely get in touch with us for any kind of carpet cleaning services we offer. But there are many other factors that make us the ‘best’ in the cleaning business.

Wide Range of Services offered: Not just carpet cleaning, but also mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning etc. are some other specialized services we offer to our customers

• Trained Staff: At Perth Carpet Cleaning, each and every employee is a trained professional in undertaking all kinds of cleaning. So, once we knock at your door, all you have to do is to just sit back and relax and we will take care of all your house cleaning worries

• Quality Guaranteed: We, at Perth Carpet Cleaners, give high importance to customer satisfaction. Hence, we will assure you that till the time you don’t get satisfied with our work, we will not stop working

• Fast and Reliable Service: Perth Carpet Cleaning has a mobile van that reaches your house within the least possible time. Isn’t this what you want? Fast, reliable and efficient service

Do we need to give any more reasons??!!

Get in Touch

Though we hope and pray it never happens, unfortunately if your house gets hit by a flood, you know what to do – Right? Just pick up your phone and get in touch with the 24 hours emergency service of Perth Carpet Cleaning on 1300-368-022 or 0421-221-625 and we will take care of the rest!