Perth Carpet Cleaning – Tips for Flood

Tips for Managing Damaged and Flooded Carpet in Perth Have you accidentally left the bath tap flowing or have you come home to find that a pipe has burst? The team at Perth Carpet Cleaning knows that there’s no good time to discover a flood – especially when it comes to carpeted floors. As professional carpet cleaning experts in Perth, the Perth Carpet Cleaning team specialises in completely drying and restoring carpets after water or flood damage. Check out Perth Carpet Cleaning’s top tips for managing flooded carpets and spaces. Identify the Cause of Floods Once you’ve discovered that your home has become flooded, the first step is to identify the culprit. Causes of floods commonly include bath overflows, burst pipes, rainwater leaks, washing machine overflows and simple oversights that leave your carpets soaked. After you identify the cause of the flooding, it’s time to take action. Drying carpets isn’t just as simple as drying clothes – no air drying methods will assist in sanitising and deodorising your space. Many people forget that your carpets aren’t the only part of your floors that need drying. Underlays and your floors base, including wood or concrete, need to be dried properly to …
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