TREATED-UNTREATED-IMAGEEveryone loves the look, feel and smell of their carpet and upholstery right after a professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. Now you can keep them cleaner, fresher, brighter and healthier for far longer by opting for high quality carpet and upholstery protection with your next clean.

What does carpet & upholstery protection do?

When correctly applied by a properly trained technician, carpet and fabric protection will keep your carpet or upholstery looking fantastic between cleans. Accidental spills and stains won’t stand a chance at ruining your carpet or upholstery.

Specifically designed to help stop oil and water based substances and other soiling agents from soaking into fibres, carpet and upholstery protection makes cleaning spills a breeze. Protection also creates a barrier that makes routine vacuuming more efficient as dry soil (aka dust, dirt etc) is easily released.

We only use professional grade protection products approved by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI). We are also comprehensively trained on mixing ratios as well as the correct application method.

The benefits of high quality carpet and upholstery protection are:

  • More time to clean up spills before they damage your carpet or upholstery.
  • Vacuuming becomes more efficient because the protection acts as a barrier making dry soil (dust, dirt etc) easier to vacuum out.
  • Carpet or upholstery stays clean longer.
  • Future professional cleaning will produce far better results.
  • Prolongs carpet or upholstery life.